Home studio fully equipped with ISDN, Source Connect, TW, Protools, Zoom, Skype, TeamViewer, Apollo Twin interface, Seinnheiser mic 

ADR and remote loop group to picture now booking from the home studio as well.


Carol is in demand nationally and internationally for commercials, promo campaigns, television series, movies, games, documentaries, web campaigns and animation. Her linguistic ability in 5 languages, (English, Spanish, French, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese,) and her ease with dialects and accents,  puts her in high demand for Feature Film and Television ADR and character work.


Music abounds in Carol's life! In VO and as a vocalistShe has been featured at jazz clubs and music festivals all over the world including repeat engagements with The San Francisco Symphony and The Monterey Jazz Festival. More info at jazzbliss.com.

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